New products

New products

Bottle Neck Pressure Tester (BNPT)

For bottle pressure measuring

Steinfurth Bottle Neck Pressure Tester
Continuous thinner packaging of non-carbonated beverages requires to stabilize the package by Nitrogen ...
Steinfurth Can Pressure Tester (CPT)

for ergonomic manual pressure measurement in cans

Steinfurth Dosendruckprüfer
The Steinfurth Can Pressure Tester is easily ergonomic attached to beverage cans.
Steinfurth PC-Line: Automatic Stress Crack Tester (PET)

Automatic stress crack tests

Steinfurth Automatic Stress Crack Tester
For automatic stress crack tests on PET bottles.
Steinfurth PC-Line: BR-7000

Automatic burst tester for PET bottles

PC-Line Burst Tester BR-7000
BR-7000 Burst Tester is especially designed for internal pressure resistance Tests
Steinfurth PC-line: Hot Wire Cutter

For safe, accurate and clean cutting

Hot Wire Cutter CB 6000 03/04
For several tests in quality assurance for PET-packages
Steinfurth Swart

Side Wall Abuse Resistance Tester

Steinfurth Swart
For standardized side wall resistance test on cans and aluminum bottles.
Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler (UBF)

Hot Fill Simulator

Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler
The industrial trend increases the importance of automatic and flexible filling systems.
Steinfurth Universal Bottle Manipulator (UBM)

Hot Fill Simulator

Steinfurth Hot Fill Simulator - Universal Bottle Manipulator
The industrial trend increases the importance of automatic and flexible sample handling and cooling systems.
OST- Optical Shelf-Life Tester

Non-Destructive CO2 Testing on Packages

OST - Optical Shelf-Life Tester
CDA-Ost is non-destructive CO2 testing on packages.
Torque Measuring System TMS 5010

Automatic Closure Torque Measurement

TMS 5010
The TMS 5010 is a fully automatic machine which detects the torque of bottle closures.
ICS 210

New generation of inline carbonation for wine refreshing

The new designed ICS 210 carbonator makes it easy to adjust the optimal content of carbon dioxide in wines.
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