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Steinfurth DH - Drucktransmitter

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  • DH Transmitter auf einer Flasche
  • DH Transmitter auf einer Flasche
  • DH-Drucktransmitter
  • DH-Drucktransmitter
  • DH Transmitter auf einer Flasche
  • DH Transmitter auf einer Flasche
  • DH Transmitter Frontmembran
  • DH Transmitter Frontmembran

Für dieses Produkt existiert zur Zeit nur eine englische Produktbeschreibung:

The Steinfurth pressure transmitter system type DH is a means to measure and record absolute pressures inside closed PET bottles over a long period of time.
It consists of the following components:
• Multiplexer cabinet
• Transmitter hub
• A number of pressure transmitters
• PC software “Pressure Transmitter”

The pressure transmitters can be screwed onto PET bottle necks instead of a closure. They are normally fitted with MCA-1 thread adapters but can be retrofitted with wide-neck adapters, too. Each one has an internal address number by which it is accessed by the PC software.
The PC software receives the pressure readings from the transmitters, together with the temperature of the pressure sensor. Although this temperature isn’t measured inside the bottle itself, it can be treated as a rough estimation of the sample temperature. Each transmitter can be coordinated to a so-called “measure job”.
The measure job is the process of writing the recordings of one or more transmitters to a file. When the measure job is active, the transmitters are prompted for new measurement data on a regular base.
The range of the sampling rate is from 10 seconds to 86400 seconds (= 1 day). While the measure job is active, the measurement data is written to a file. The pressure transmitters are built into small, rugged and waterproof housings.


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  • Pressure range: 0...10 bar abs.
  • Channels:
    1: absolute pressure
    2: temperature of pressure sensor
  • Sampling rate: 10 s...86400 s
  • Power supply: 220…240 V AC, 50 Hz / 115V AC, 60 Hz (other on request)
  • Protection class: IP 67 (transmitters) IP 54 (hub/supply)
  • Materials (Transmitters): Aluminium AlMg3 Stainless steel 1.4305 (X10 CrNiS 18 9) POM NBR
  • Data export: Text format (can be imported into, e.g. MS Excel)

Steinfurth DH - Drucktransmitter

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