Package testing equipment
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Package testing equipment

IPPS-Interactively Programmable Pressure Sequencer

Automatic generation and monitoring of pressure sequences in the package testing

Interaktiver programmierbarer Druckregler
Package testing often requires defined pressure sequences.
Steinfurth PC-Line: Automatic Stress Crack Tester (PET)

Automatic stress crack tests

Steinfurth Automatic Stress Crack Tester
For automatic stress crack tests on PET bottles.
Steinfurth PC-Line: BR-7000

Automatic burst tester for PET bottles

PC-Line Burst Tester BR-7000
BR-7000 Burst Tester is especially designed for internal pressure resistance Tests
Steinfurth PC-line: Hot Wire Cutter

For safe, accurate and clean cutting

Hot Wire Cutter CB 6000 03/04
For several tests in quality assurance for PET-packages
Steinfurth Swart

Side Wall Abuse Resistance Tester

Steinfurth Swart
For standardized side wall resistance test on cans and aluminum bottles.
Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler (UBF)

Hot Fill Simulator

Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler
The industrial trend increases the importance of automatic and flexible filling systems.
Steinfurth Universal Bottle Manipulator (UBM)

Hot Fill Simulator

Steinfurth Hot Fill Simulator - Universal Bottle Manipulator
The industrial trend increases the importance of automatic and flexible sample handling and cooling systems.
Interactive Programmable Pressure-Sequencer Version IM SF IPPS Version IM

Test device for closures

The Steinfurth IPPS-IM tests the pressure resistance and sealing properties of closures.
Steinfurth CPA

Mini Lab Concept for combined quality control on beverages and beverage packages.

The Steinfurth CPA is used in the quality control of CO2 concentration, opening torque and fill level.
Bottle Weight & Capacity Tester

(BWCT) automatic fill volume measuring

With the BWCT you can automatically determine the bottle volume and the filling height.
Steinfurth Opening Performance Tester

(OPT 180) - testing of bottle closures

Opening Performance Test 180
With the OPT 180 you can detect the torque and the opening performance of closures.
Steinfurth Pressure Sequencer (IPPS)

Interactively Programmable

IPPS 2010
The IPPS is used for automatically generating and checking the pressure in packaging tests.
Steinfurth Closure Tester (CT V6)

Standardized, safe environment

Closure Tester V6
The Closure Tester†provides a safe and standardised†test bed closure and packaging†tests.
Steinfurth Ball Impact Tester

Standardized impact tests on bottle closures

Ball Impact Tester
The Ball Impact Tester checks the capacity of bottle closures with drop tests and runout tests.
Steinfurth Tumbling Tester

Abrasion test on closure coatings

Tumbling Tester
With the Tumbling Tester you can make a attrition test regarding coating / paint on metal closures.
Steinfurth Drop / Cart Tester

Standardized "Drop Cart Tests"

Drop / Cart Tester
The Drop Cart Tester checks the crash firmness of cans by means of a drop test and a so-called CART.
Steinfurth Shoulder Cart Tester

"Shoulder Impact Tests"

Shoulder Cart Tester
The Shoulder Cart Tester checks the crash firmness of cans with lateral runouts and a so-called CART.
Steinfurth DH - Pressure Transmitter

Continuous pressure monitoring on bottles

DH Transmitter auf einer Flasche
The DH-Pressure Transmitter is a means to measure and monitor the pressure in bottles.
Steinfurth Rotation Tester for Sport Closures

Standardized safety tests on sport closures

Rotation Tester
The Rotation Tester for Sport Closures checks the safety of bottle closures with regard to tilting.
Steinfurth Tension Side Load Tester

Standardized safety tests on sport closures

Tension Side Load Tester
The Tension Side Loader Tester for Sport Closures checks the security with regard to pulling.
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